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I don't do commissions, only requests and stories. Not drawing, i'm not good with that, i mean stories.  I will happily do things without pay, anything to please others. also, only pony related material.ocs, regular character, just bring your character life.

[sounds, cheesy, but i mean it.]
As Twilight continued her rambling, bound to go on forever and ever, the others finished packing their bags. Starlight however, was calming twilight down, her face turning fifty shades purpler.

"Since when have you been pinkie pie?" Starlight asked with a giggle, smiling at the thought of a fluffy haired Twilight.

"She's not the only one who can talk, you know." She replied.

"Well, let's go catch up with the others."

When they ventured outside the castle, they weren't suprised The actual pinkie had been driving half of them mad.

"Well, after i saw that party that cheese had had planned to throw, i had that spark of courage in me, and i was so determined to throw a party that-"

Applejack with the signature hoof-in-mouth, blocking pinkie from any more diction.

"So? Where are we headed today?" Starlight said, curiously.

"Well, there is a certain spot that we've adored our entire friendship!" Rarity Said, having a moment of recalling the time they've spent there."The place is by the Mountains, and It was where we found out that Cadence and Shining Armor were having their marriage!"

"Yeah! Twilight had her rage about Shining marrying an unknown mare, But she totally knew her!" Rainbow said, in hysterics.

Twilight Blushed a little Bit. "I was a little dramatizing at the time..."

"I don't blame you darling! If sweetie belle were older and were to marry a colt i didn't know, she'd never hear the end of it!"Rarity said, trying to make twilight feel a bit better. "Oh, here we are!"

Starlight stared, eyes wide open at the beautiful scenery. The trees were lush pinks, purples, greens, and yellows. the flowers smelled of pure sweetness, the bees buzzing gently. Its seemed like a place that could not exist anywhere else in the world.

Starlight had found her happy place.

EPA Part 2
Here it is, sorry for the delay. My little pony belongs to Hasbro, D.F, and lauren faust, please do support official release.La la la la :happybounce: Clap 

if you don't, well...

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25 years later...

Starlight's eyes slowly opened, and there she was, once again with another day in the castle. after rubbing her eyes, and getting focused on the day to come, Starlight was ready for whatever her many friends had in store for her. There was always something new, some thing added to her hopefully lifelong adventure with these several special ponies [and of course, a dragon.]

"sun's looking great today." she said as she straightened her hair. She trotted down the stairs, where Twilight and her friends were in the kitchen, preparing what looked like...


"Oh no.." Starlight realized what had happened. "Did i-"

"There you are, sleepyhead!" Pinkie said with glee.

"There you are, darling!" Rarity said."Did you get a good night's sleep?" I suppose you did, cause it's almost noon..."

Starlight Took a closer look at the sun's position, and acknowledged her oversleeping.

"Are you all going on a picnic?"

"Yes!" Twilight said, trotting in."we all, coincidentally had days off, so we decided it'd be a splendid day to do some outside activities!"

She flashed starlight a satchel full of books.

"Twilight, i think those don't really count as "outside activities." Starlight said, with a giggle.

"Sure they do! most are for hikes, creature identification, watches, sports rules,..."

As Twilight droned on about her many stored books, Applejack nudged Starlight, showing her the satchel she had, full of games balls, snacks, and other things the average outside activities done in a day's worth."

"Oh my..." Starlight thought. twilight had almost run out of oxygen listing all of Her activities, and her face had turned a darker shade of purple.

*insert theme here LOL*

MLP:The Equestrian Protection Agency Part One
My little pony belongs to Hasbro, D.F, and lauren faust, please do support official release.La la la la :happybounce: Clap 

if you don't, well...

Kermit Thee Frong Hyere
[Untitled, page 2]
Celestia tried to hide her pain once again as she hurried back to the castle.

"Celestia?" Said a familiar voice. "where in the name of tartarus have you been?"

Raven inkwell stood there, looks of worry spreading upon her face.

"Raven!" the princess exclaimed, happy to see there was at least one pony to stand by her side in the coming years.

"Did he stay?" Raven asked.

"I'm afraid not. That pony can be so stubborn sometimes!" Celestia started to tear in her eyes, but Raven stopped her. "Do not worry my friend, there is still some light to this situation." Raven ushered her into the castle, and inside she saw a pink filly, with hair of wonderful pinks, yellows, and purples.

"Mother?!"The filly squealed in delight. She ran to her, hugging the princess as tight as she could.

"Cadenza!" I'm so happy you're okay! Immediately, Celestia's mood changed completely. it seemed that whenever Cadence was around, there was only happiness. She had been wrong before, she'd never be alone.She was going to hold on for a very long time.

The three mares watched as the sun slowly descended, leading into the future to come.

MLP:EPA Prologue Part 2
Hello everrrrybody! The prologue has come to an end [as you can see], and we are starting the story!

Once again my little pony FiM belongs to Hasbro, Discovery family, and Lauren Faust. Please do support the official release.

Name? Rest of story is planned. also, i'd like feedback.Clap
MLP s]

20 Y-B-M-6*  years before mane 6*

Celestia hurried to her castle, ignoring all of the pony and changeling corpses lying one the ground, not having any reason to mourn those who had already been mourned earlier that day. She hoped That he would be there, so she could maybe, just maybe convince him to Take a new stance on his own life. There had been many battles fought over the course of the last few days, and the ponies of equestria had once again fought an ancient introduced enemy- The Changeling Queen and her thousands of minions. As celestia hurried down to the place that had once been known as the emerald mines, she saw him standing there.

"You know, ever since i've known you, and ever since i have been doing this, you've always tried to stop me..." the colt said.

"Because You've never told me why!!" why do you sacrifice your life for the ponies that i love, only to go back into isolation every time!!" She responded.

She pointed to the large cylinder, tears in her eyes."This has poisoned you!" You are blinded by the need to serve and protect, go and live your life!!"

"You say that...

but really, what life is there to live?"He responded, with an assertive, mysterious look upon his face.

"You"re the only family i have left... ever since luna-"

"I LOVED HER JUST AS MUCH AS YOU DID!!! After losing her, after finding out what she became, what this mare that i had loved had become, I couldn't LIVE. I FULLY understand your whole trying to keep others safe, but if you are lost, who else is there?"

The Princess remained silent. he had stated his case. She had learned he was always the one to be stubborn. She watched as he climbed into the pod, tears in bot of their eyes.

"Wake me if you need me." He said emotionless. He watched slowly as Everything went dark. Then, silence. no beating, no thumping. you could hear the wails of agony, as the mourns of a successful attack day on canterlot were finally concluded.

MLP:The Equestrian Protection Agency Prologue, 1
MY FIRST PRODUCTIVE UPLOAD!! please request a name for the series, i'll name it as we get into it. 

My little pony belongs to hasbro, discovery family, and lauren faust. PLEASE do support the official release.

if you'd like to be an artist, work together to turn this into a comic, please, inform me. I really cannot do drawing , I'm a little in experienced.
I don't do commissions, only requests and stories. Not drawing, i'm not good with that, i mean stories.  I will happily do things without pay, anything to please others. also, only pony related material.ocs, regular character, just bring your character life.

[sounds, cheesy, but i mean it.]


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Hey there! our country's going to heck, so i decided id make the most of my time by doing some art crap! Call me fluffy. It's like the breezy to my kule.


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